Mind / Body Alignment

Mind & Body Alignment Sessions

Mind and Body Alignment:

Whether you are looking to improve your health, uplift your state of mind, alter your circumstances or raise your consciousness, you have landed at the right place at the perfect time in your life.

The focus of these sessions is to anchor more of your Higher Self – your Soul, into your physical experience. These sessions awaken the deep codes of divinity within you, acting as a catalyst for change, new life experiences and the awakening of your higher consciousness optimizing your full potential that has always been inside of you.

If you are not able to articulate exactly how you are feeling, or what you want to create change in or on, I am often able to discover through our conversation and your energy and vibrations what may be creating an unsettling presence in your mind or body. As a highly intuitive person, I have worked with thousands of men and women this way, and it is quite easy for me to become aligned with your energy.

Each mind and body alignment session you complete adjusts the vibration of your entire energetic structure to what you need in that exact moment. These can include initiating clearing of old blocks and negativity, activation of new beliefs and actions, and the balancing and alignment with a new uplifted vibration of comfort, happiness, ease and flow.

The more sessions you partake in allows you to initiate a new layer of healing based on where your current vibration is. This is imperative to how you set your intentions to be able to heal the areas of your life that you are consciously aware of needing healing, and to make conscious in-the-moment choices to actively participate in living your highest vibrational state at all times.

This powerful energy unlocks your potential and activates a whole new level of vitality and passion for life by affecting you at a cellular level. It will help you overcome and eliminate the old and unnecessary obstacles that block your progress, allowing for more positive actions to take over until eventually you are living at a fully conscious and positive level at all times.

Many benefits you will begin to notice include:

  • Feeling higher levels of calmness, happiness, love and compassion.
  • Motivated and enthusiastic for even the most mundane tasks.
  • Senses enhanced allowing you to appreciate your surroundings.
  • Miracles exploding all around you in ways you never thought possible.
  • Establish a connection with your inner voice and allowing guidance.
  • Feeling deeply connected to your soul and to spirit – your Higher Self.
  • Inner peace and contentment, feeling relaxed even in high stress environments.
  • Improved and much deeper relationships. Appreciating your partner, friends and family in a much deeper way. Feeling thankful for those in your life.
  • Improved mental, emotional and physical wellness.
  • Greater abundance and prosperity, using manifestation to create your desired life.
  • Attain a life that is more fulfilling, focused and enriched.

If you are ready to align your body and mind, book here. Sessions available in person, or remote through Zoom. All sessions are confidential.

“I have always been a little skeptical of alternative medicine, and services such as energy healing, mind/body alignment, meditation etc. I thought it was a hippie movement or something exclusive to the vegan groups. I am your average joe, I work in sanitation, provide for my family, and let my wife plan and take care of all the kids activities and school. I was gifted this session by a co-worker and it has really opened my eyes. I am now much more present in my childrens lives, I am more connected to my wife, and I fully believe that participating in these sessions has changed me for the better. I feel guilty that I let the patterns I learned from my parents carry on for so long and for not allowing myself to accept other viewpoints. I am a full believer and Dr. Ronnie has changed my life for the better. My wife and kids bought me a few more sessions for Christmas and I look forward to learning more.”

— Rick D.